Entire Sports Card Collection JERSEY/VINTAGE/AUTO 5000?

Well, now that Christmas is done and more money put on my credit cards than expected, it's time to sell my entire sports card collection. T are BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, and BASKETBALL cards. These cards range from the 1970's all the way up to 2006. I would say that t's between 5,000-10,000 cards total. I put all the cards in one big box for shipping purposes and is quite heavy. Shipping will be a flat fee of $50.00. T are so many players that I will only list some of the star names that I see:BRETT FAVRE RC, EMMIT SMITH RC, LEBRON JAMES, DEREK JETER, CARMELO ANTHONY, ALLEN IVERSON, ALEX RODRIGUEZ, KEN GRIFFEY, JR., KEVIN GARNETT, SCOTTIE PIPPEN, DAN MARINO, BARRY SANDERS, JERRY RICE, JOHN ELWAY, JOE MONTANA, JERRY RICE, JEFF GORDON, PATRICK ROY, WAYNE GRETZKY, NOLAN RYAN, PETE ROSE, YOGI BERRA, SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, CAL RIPKEN, LARRY BIRD, YAO MING, ALLEN IVERSON, TIM DUNCAN, PAYTON WALTER, KEVIN GARNETT, MICHAEL JORDAN, and MAGIC JOHNSON. Although I am not a professional grader, I only tried to collect cards that were in good condition. Some of the cards are in plastic sleeves. With that said, the collection is sold as-is. I also noticed amungst the cards autographed cards and jersey cards. Also included in this collection is an AUTOGAPHED ALONZO MOURNING card with COA, JORDAN large card set and large binder of cards. T are pages full of ... read more