DESCRIPTION: This auction is for BOTH halves. This specimen was chipped out of the entombing rock, the fossilized barnacles removed, the outside then laboriously buffed, then it was sliced in half and polished by hand to a glossy finish. This gives us an inside look at the individual growth chambers and the story behind them: as the animal grew, it would extend the open end of the shell by adding a larger growth chamber, pull its body forward into the new chamber, and then seal the old one -- but not before evacuating the water from its old chamber. Thus, each time the shell got bigger by one chamber, the newly sealed chamber maintained neutral buoyancy. Unlike a fish, the ammonite had neither lateral fins nor an air bladder, so it needed the air-filled chambers to keep it from sinking to the bottom.

Eventually though, when the animal died, it did sink to the bottom w it was covered by sediment which became rock after eons of high pressure and heat which occur miles below the Earth's surface. During that process, the individual chambers experienced different fates. The chambers that ruptured relatively immediately became filled with gray organic-rich sediment, which are time capsules of the ocean bottom at that time. Microscopic analysis shows tiny

GREAT GIFT IDEA! Give one half to a good friend or a significant other, and keep the other half. This way every time you glance at it you will be reminded of that person.

Genus: Cleoniceras
Age: Cretaceous (approx. 110 million years ago)
Found: Majunga, Madagascar (the huge island off the southeast coast of Africa)
Condition: Stabilized fractures and/or repairs are often present; please examine the close-up photos provided.

Size: 7 inches measured horizontally -- the coin that we include for size comparison measures 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Weight: 2.5 pounds for the pair (add 2.5 pounds to calculate the shipping weight)
SHIPPING WITHIN THE US VIA UPS GROUND: $9 for professional packing labor, all materials, full insurance, and fast shipping via UPS Ground for the first pair. Each additional pair is only $3 each if shipped in the same box.

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