AN INCREDIBLE COLLECTION OF EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION ITEMS! First, is a hat embroidered with a colorful logo promoting the EPCOT International food & wine festival. This hat was given ONLY to a LIMITED NUMBER of cast members working at the festival. When you consider the small percentage of cast members working at the festival and take into account that not all cast members received this hat, the RARITY of this hat is TRULY outstanding! The hat is NEW and has NEVER BEEN WORN! The second item included is the OFFICIAL Festival Guide. This 36 page guide lists all the event, celebrities, wineries, and everything else happening at the Food & Wine festival. The next item included is the Guidemap that was issued to Guests ONLY on October 1, 2007 The cover art is striking with the same artwork Disney used to promote Epcot before it opened. Inside the guidemap, which besides being the current guidemap, also includes inside it a reproduction of the ORIGINAL Guidemap from Oct. 1, 1982. Also inside is a list of the SPECIAL events that took place on the 25th Anniversary. Next item included is the Times Gudie which was printed for October 1, 2007 ONLY! It has the OLD as well as present Epcot logo as well as telling the times of the special events which took place. This is a truly OUTSTANDING collection of LIMITED AVAILABILITY items!! ... read more