Epic NECRON Warhammer 40k Pro Painted Army, Fall of Damnos Themed, many convers

**Crystals in background are not included**Pro painted Epic Necron army. All themed around the "Fall of Damnos" book. I've included a space marine captain, librarian, and chaplain to represent the marine characters in the book on an objective or display board. I've blended all of the green on the models, all bases are painted in an ice/snow scheme. The snow is made from pumez painted white. There are fallen necrons self repairing on the bases and fallen ultra marines. I've also included more marine, a ton more rectangle bases, and circle bases to put destroyers on. This is already a complete army that that wouldn't take much work to expand on. Phalanx with lord and 3 immortals basesPhalanx with lord and 3 immortals bases Phalanx with lord and 1 immortals base 6 obelisks 6 obelisks 3 monoliths All 6 monoliths have green blended portals, and crystals 3 monoliths 23 rectangle bases painted ice 12 circle bases for destroyers painted ice 12 models used for the upper half of destroyer model, use scarab for the bottom half 9 guard models 12 space marines 1 librarian 1 chaplain 1 captain tomb spider to make any of the warmachines 1 forgeworld recovery chimera, converted 2 medium bases for objective