Epiphone (by Gibson) EB1 solid Violin/Viola Bass Guitar

Hello there! You are looking at a solid-bodied, Gibson Epiphone Viola Bass Guitar EB1, (hand crafted in Korea!) as you can see from the photos it is a bit dusty, but that said, it works, pots are quiet, neck is straight, machine heads are smooth, frets are unworn, yeah, it does the job. I bought it second hand, five years ago (I am a guitarist and I needed a small-scale bass to add bass lines to demos) and it has served me well, it has only one pick-up, as I'm sure you've noticed, and a very warm tone and a very long sustain, very sixties. The shorter-scale neck (32.25") suits small hands, so ideal for younger students and other people with small hands. There are a few dings, but only one, noticable without close inspection, it's the one in the photo of the back of the neck, all I can say is it looks worse than it is, it's a graze rather than gouge and is really just the laquer that has been damaged not the wood, it honestly doesn't effect the playability. Like myself the Bass has no reserve.