Epiphone Thunderbird Pro IV bass guitar. Through neck. Active. 38mm nut.

Fantastic condition. Used is a criminal understatement.
Epiphone bass guitar. Thunderbird Pro model. 4 string through-neck with active electronics. Gorgeous natural finish and feel. Great looking instrument in fantastic condition.
Home use only as I'm a bedroom pretender... and playing time has diminished due to job change. Superb sound from this T-bird.
38mm metal nut. Battery compartment complete and secure. Battery included. No crackle to pots... all operable as you'd expect. Keeps it's tuning well and sustain is sweet. On very close examination there is one or two very minor blemishes... as in subtle dings but nothing that stands out. Base is clean (pain to stand up due to curve), headstock has nothing prominent. Neck strapbutton factory fitted to reduce notorious T-bird neck dive... greatly improved!
I'm located in North Wales so close to Chester and Mold with good access from Liverpool, Manchester, West Cheshire and Shropshire.