Here are 2 vintage religious medals that are from the Episcopal Church. Each medal measures 1 inch in diameter.

The first is silver metal, possibly sterling but testing is inconclusive. This bears the wording "Christ Died For Thee" on the front and the wording "The Church War Cross" on the back. The medal measures 1 inch in diameter.

The 2nd medal is possibly sterling but is unmarked. The same wording is on the front, however the back bears the phrase "Episcopal Church Service Cross".

When researching this item, I found that the first medal dates to World War II, while the 2nd medal dates to post World War II.

"The Church War Cross was designed under the direction of Mrs. James DeWolf Perry, wife of the late Bishop of Rhode Island, during World War I for the Army and Navy Commission of the Church. Each Episcopalian entering the Armed Forces was presented with one and the same cross was used during World War II.
The wording on the back of the cross was changed after World War II and now reads EPISCOPAL CHURCH SERVICE CROSS. This cross is a distinct mark of an Episcopalian in the Armed Forces and may be worn attached to the identification tags."

Both medals are preowned .The first medal is in very good condition, with a small dot of discoloration in the very center on the back side.
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