Equator D5 Studio Monitors (Pair) & Hosa Leads

Equator D5 Studio Monitors (Pair) & Hosa Leads. Direct field. Coaxial Studio Monitors with internal DSP.
These great point zero reference monitors are in very good condition - they have rarely been used and only really at low volumes (you may have to break them in properly..) . They have been in spare but ventilated room protected from any dust or sunlight with a cloth over them. Just switched them on to check and they sound great.
They are widely acknowledged and respected with their big, detailed and precise sound from such "small & inexpensive" speakers.
This is what Sound On Sound review concluded in their review of the D5's (Full review: /sos/dec12/articles/equator-d5.htm):
"It's been a long time since I've listened to a loudspeaker at this price that has impressed me this much. The precise, uncoloured reproduction is impressive enough, but it was the D5s' mid-range clarity and detail — especially in the area around the crossover point — that really grabbed me. The DSP process, which works, according to Equator's white paper, by taking out anomalous peaks in a given unit's frequency response and then filling any troughs therein (as well as taking care of time- and phase-alignment and other bits and pieces) has no detectable deleterious effects on the programme material and is, I have no doubt, the major
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