EQUESTRIAN CARDS Edition 2 (1995) Complete Trading Card Set of 275 HORSE RIDING


This is a complete set of EQUESTRIAN COLLECT-A-CARD EDITION 2 trading cards. This set was produced in 1995 by Collect-A-Card/Combro Scandinavia (Sweden). This HUGE card set consists of 275 cards in all (#1-#275). This set includes the "25 Gold Cards" which were short-printed (numbered #251-#275). The cards are based on professional riders who compete in the Nation's Cup, Olympic Games, World Championships Euro & Championships Pan American Games.

These cards were made in Sweden by Collect-A-Card - NOT to be confused with the American trading card company of the same name. The size of the set itself is tremendous (275 cards) making set-building very difficult. Each card measures like a baseball card (2.5" X 3.5").

The cards are in NM condition. Not made with the highest printing capabilities. Some off-centering was unavoidable. There are no major creases or major flaws, but the overall issues with quality needed to be addressed.

Each card features a full-color image of the Horse & Rider featured. The card backs have stats on the the horse's record & championships won as well as the rider & horse name, place of origin, etc. Some cards have detailed history about those featured.

This rare card set is appealing to card
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