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ERIC B. & RAKIM for PRESIDENT '86 T-Shirt, CLASSIC HIP HOP Sizes are running out - Limited to approx. 36 tees for this reprinting. TEE SIZES; Mens 2XL, 3XL

BONUS ITEMS: MF DOOM, A BATHING APE "Tribute" Stickers, etc.

Hi, on auction is what I call the ERIC B & RAKIM: I Ain't No Joke '86. It's all about taking it back to the golden age of HipHop when the world was introduced to the duo of Eric B. and Rakim and they gave us the "Eric B. is President" track with the added "I Ain't No Joke" being the campaign slogan for how they do it. The design is a parody of the Bush/Cheney campaign logo but i added the seven stars shaped in a crescent to signify the Gods and the Earths religion, which is the science and mathematics that I feel they brought to HipHop too. I made this t-shirt for fun and to promote my illustration / design skills. Not to confuse anybody, this tee was made in 2007 but to commemorate the HipHop era of '86. Campaign for the REAL, is what I say. You definitely get second looks wearing this tee.
NOTE: This shirt was not made in affiliation with the respective artist/s or companies mentioned above but made in tribute to their fine work. This design is made from altered known elements; this is the same thing done as most street fashion
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