Eric Stanton Stantoons 92 Blunder Broad Search for Gwen

Selling: Eric Stanton Stantoons 92 Blunder Broad The Search for Gwendoline (32 pages) with Galaxeena

From 1982 until the late 90’s Eric Stanton published pamphlet sized work 5 ½ by 8 ½ stapled. Most but not all were called Stantoons. Many of them involved the “super” heroine Blunder Broad who is humiliated in every possible way as she tries to fight crime.

I am selling INDIVIDUALLY the Eric Stanton Blunder Broad serial chapters 27 through 39 PLUS INDIVIDUALLY the full length adventures which have no chapter number:

Blundie in Blunderland parts 1 and 2

Blundie: How Much Can She Take?

Blundie vs, The Unholy Trio

Blunder Broad Turned On!

Blunder Broad The Trouble With Nipples

The Search for Gwendoline (with Galaxeena)

I’m not aware of any more of her adventures after this but let me know if I’m wrong. All are original and in great condition – no wrinkling except for chapter 39 (see the listings scan) w a deep indentation runs through most pages but appears only in the text section, not the pictures.

The Italian large size books Blunder Broad and Blunder Broad Strikes Back contains the first 11 chapters.

Chapters 12 through 26 were issued in various Stantoons but unlike all of the above full length adventures, Blunder Broad frequently shares the Stantoon
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