Erie Lackawanna Piggyback Rates and Plans for Customers

Search Railfan Depot : .. Description Erie Lackawanna Piggyback Rates and Plans for Customers Two booklets: EL Piggyback service plans - and a rate booklet - 1974 The booklet shown at right is an 8.5 by 11 inch booklet with 32 pages describing the three most popular service plans. This is designed for customers to better understand what service the EL operates. Included is information on a new service to Hawaii via Matson Navigation Service. Maps, costs, tariffs and more are included in this brochure. Different routes and cost structures and different service plans along with a brief history of intermodal is outlined in this brochure. The rates are listed as of 1974.
A second, smaller brochure (not shown) is entitled "Plan II for Profit". It is for EL Sales employees only (not to be shared it says) and includes the railroads costs and average costs as a help to sales so that profit goals can be achieved. Both are in very good condition.
Erie Lackawanna Piggyback Rates and Plans Brochures
The scan above is the cover, below is a scan of one of the maps.
This comes from a non-smoking environment. It will be securely packed and safely shipped.
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