Rare ERROR $100 Dolar Bill Note (Series 1996)

We come across this rare note at our store and now is listed out for sale to a lucky collector.

From the back looks perfectly normal, but on the front has almost ¾ of an inch clear instead of the traditional ½ inch, consequently on the top barely clear the print

Serial # AL 69589109A

L12 (From the San Francisco Federal Reserve)

Series : 1996

Plates: H 3

H 104

Signer by : Robert E. Rubin, Secretary (Jan-1995 to July 1999)

Q: What is an ERROR note?
A: From The US Error Note Encyclopedia : "A Currency Error is any note that does not meet the minimum quality standards of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing but still somehow manages to escape being pulled during the many human and mechanical inspections." These errors include; cutting errors, folds and tears, inking errors, missing prints, etc. Check your notes and look for anything that's different. For more information on errors, see: The US Error Note Encyclopedia