NOTE ON THE CONDITION OF THIS ITEM: The factory shipping straps were removed to make a photo. However, I will make sure the hood and doors are secured to prevent them from opening during shipping and possibly causing damage. Also note that when I removed the auto for the photo I was not satisfied with the overall quality of this item so I returned my complete shipment to the factory - except for this one that I just found.

The auto in the photo is the one you will receive

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"Good News"

This email will be sent to you almost immediately after you make your purchase

Please, "do not" make payment until you have read this message.

It won't take but a minute or two and may save you time and money.

If you live outside the Continental US contact me for the shipping cost before making your purchase


Purchase more 1:18 Scale autos and you pay only $1.50 shipping for each additional auto

Must be shipped together - ( Continental US Only )

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Produced by ERTL in 1:18 Scale and

Limited to 1 of
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