Erzgebirge Miner Candle Holder 1950 Germany Wood Christmas Candle Holder Tree

Selling a 1950s German made Erzgebirge Christmas figural candle holder from the ore Mountains in Eastern Germany. This wonderful miner is at least 60 years old and are in good condition. The colors are bright and un faded. The miner sports the traditional miner's hat with the Erzgebirge miner's motif of the crossed picks, an elegant gold braid decorated jacket and dark brown hair. This handsome miner is ready for decades more happy Christmas celebrations. There is minor wax residue in the candle cups from Christmas celebrations past. Height is about 8 3/4" tall. Paint is all original. Buyer pays parcel post shipping or pick up in Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. The miners of iron ore in the Ore Mountains eventually mined out the iron deposits. They needed another job, and the thick pine forests of their homeland gave them all the raw materials to begin a new industry making wooden toys, Christmas candle holders in the shapes of angels and miners holding the candle cups, and Christmas ornaments, which is done to this day in the Erzgebirge / Ore Mountains. Originally each home became a small shop, with the father and his sons cutting the pine trees, dragging the wood home to be cut or split into the needed sizes, and in the case of the miner, the body turned on a lathe, then the features like the notches in the crown carved by hand, and ... read more