Escape Route The Comet Line Signed 3 Resistance & 1 Shot down escaper

EscapeRoute The Comet Line Signed 3 Resistance & 1 Shot down escaper

2 6 72 Bruxelles 1040 Brussel Special Postmark. Retour aux Pyrenees This Cover was taken from Waterloo, Belgium the HQ of Reseau Comete by members of the Comet line to Bayonne France and from there flown to RAF Northolt, England via Jersey in D.H.Devon Mk2, WB533 of No 21 Sqn

Personally Signed by W.J.Brazill RAF Escaping Society Chairman Shot down 16th September 1942 Navigator on Wellington Bomber found by the Comet Line and sheltered for six weeks

Baron Blommaert de Soye under suspicion by the Germans escaped to England and there underwent training for subsequent parachuted missions into France. He rejoined his former Comet Companions and organized escaped airmen's camps in the forest of Freteval.

Madame Fernand De Greef was decorated with the George Medal. Known throughout the war as Tante Go her word for the Allies commenced in Anglet near Bayonne in 1941 Belgium Resistance Workers &

Madame Michou Ugeux was decorated with the George Medal. Her Parents and sister were arrested and she continued on her own collecting fallen airmenand preparing their dispatch out of occupied territory. Under suspicion in 1943 she went underground to continue her work with the Comet Line. In 1944 she left Belgium to join
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