ESCO Plaster Chalk Chalkware Statue Figure Figurine Marilyn Monroe

K&G Enterprises ( on the world wide web)is pleased to place in auction this relatively RARE and excellent ESCO example of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is somewhat rare as ESCOs go, is quite desirable, and is in excellent condition. She may appear a little light complected relatively speaking but that is a result of daylight that I didn't do a good job of accounting for when i took the pictures. NOTE: many ESCO examples of Marilyn lack balance in their facial features being flat-cheeked on one side of the face. Not so with my example. My Marilyn is attractively high and evenly cheek-boned on both sides of her face. I have had her in my collection for many years but it's now time to pass her on to someone else to be her steward. The winning bidder pays s/h/i and his/her satisfaction is guaranteed for three days following delivery if the item is not as described. I WILL CALCULATE the S/H/I CHARGES AT THE CLOSE OF THE AUCTION for the winning bidder. Nevertheless , I have posted a S/H/I rate substantially high enough to hedge against s/h/i losses in the event the winning bidder wishes to make payment BEFORE I can advise him or her of the actual charge. Generally, the calculated rate rarely exceeds much over $20 . NOTE : this posted "flat" rate applies to shipments ONLY within the contiguous 48 states of the USA. Marilyn will be double-boxed

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