ESS ICE Tactical Kit sunglasses Military safety goggles

The ESS ICE ™ Tactical Kit is designed specifically for Law Enforcement, adapted from the world's most widely-used ballistic spectacle: the ESS ICE ™. This new configuration eliminates time spent changing lenses, allowing users to quickly switch between pre-assembled eyeshields to adapt to changing light environments.

Additionally, this new configuration helps extend product life by eliminating wear and tear on lenses that can occur when swapping lens colors.

The ICE ™ Tactical Kit Includes:
Two complete spectacles (Clear and Hi-Def Copper Lenses with Black Frames), a Smoke Gray Lens with a Black Nose Piece, a Microfiber Pouch/Cleaning Cloth, an Elastic Retention Strap & a Crush-Resistant Zippered Hard Case.


** OP drops missing - however, this set has 2 cases/pouches included Night-Vision Compatible 2.4mm Lenses Extra-Wide Field of View Interchangeable Lenses ANSI Z87.1 Compliant U.S. Mil Spec ToughZone Lenses

This item retails at $85.00