Essential Waylon Jennings 3.0 3 CD set 50 greatest hits

Essential Waylon Jennings 3.0 3 CD set 50 greatest hits

Here's Waylon Jennings , country's head outlaw, searing his personal brand - his craggy, mellow heartbreaking voice and his blazing guitar - on a widely appealing, imaginatively programmed collection of 42 "greatest hits."

It was 1966 when this tall Texan burst on the scene with three consecutive hits and he ruled the charts ever since! Like Hank Williams , his rugged baritone and sensitive style make every song his own. Kris Kristofferson called him, "the best country singer in the world" and you're bound to agree.

Waylon puts the heart and soul back into country music, playin' and singin' about the dreams and feelings that really matter. As a singer, he offers undiluted country music with a voice as hard as seasoned hickory. He's the king to millions of fans who made him country's biggest star during the Seventies. Alone, he was almost legendary, when he teamed up with fellow Texas outlaw Willie Nelson they made the freshest, warmest music this side of a Texas breeze. Essential Waylon Jennings proves that in spades!

Essential Waylon Jennings 3.0 is a hit-heavy 3 CD anthology featuring the best of Waylon 's RCA label hits (along with his biggest MCA label recording). Of course you'll find all of his most beloved Number One hits like the heart-wrenching

For Waylon Jennings ' millions of fans everywhere, this is an essential portrait of one of the great voices in country music's storied history. He's been branded an outlaw, but that brand is uniquely his own.

Essential Waylon Jennings 3.0 3 CD set is brand new; it is unopened, unplayed and still in its original factory shrink wrap. 50 Waylon Jennings essentials include... Big Mamou That�s The Chance I�ll have To Take #49 hit released 8/21/65. Stop The World (And Let Me Off) #16 hit released 9/25/65. Anita You're Dreaming #17 hit released 1/15/66. That�s What You Get For Loving Me #9 hit released 9/3/66. The Chokin� Kind #8 hit released 8/19/67. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line #2 hit for five weeks released 7/13/68. Just To Satisfy You #1 hit for two weeks released 3/13/82; duet with Willie Nelson . Cedartown, Georgia #12 hit released 8/7/71. The Taker #5 hit released 8/29/70. Lovin� Her Was Easier (Than Anything I�ll Ever Do Again) Sweet Dream Woman #7 hit released 6/10/72. Ladies Love Outlaws Lonesome On'ry & Mean Freedom To Stay Pretend I Never Happened #6 hit released 10/21/72. You Can Have Her #7 hit released 2/17/73. We Had It All #28 hit released 5/26/73. Honky Tonk Heroes (Like Me) You Ask Me To #8 hit released 10/6/73. This Time #1 hit released 4/27/74. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way I'm A Ramblin Man #1 hit released 8/10/74. Rainy Day Woman #2 hit released 12/21/74. Amanda #1 hit for three weeks released 5/19/79. Bob Wills Is Still The King (Live) #1 B-side released 9/6/75. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? #1 hit released 9/6/75. Waymore's Blues Dreaming My Dreams With You #10 hit released 5/3/75. Good Hearted Woman #3 hit released 1/8/72. Are You Ready For The Country #7 hit released 11/20/76. Luckenbach Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love) #1 hit for six weeks released 4/16/77; ending vocal Willie Nelson . The Wurlitzer Prize (I Don�t Want To Get Over You) #1 hit for two weeks released 10/8/77. Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys #1 hit for four weeks released 1/21/78; duet with Willie Nelson . I've Always Been Crazy #1 hit for three weeks released 7/29/78. A Long Time Ago Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand #5 hit released 10/28/78. I Ain't Living Long ...

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