OLD Estate US Army 1819 Springfield arsenal rifle flintlock percussion parts

Parts and not operating weapon. All antique.

Found at an Estate sale yesterday... please bear with me..this is not my area of expertise so ask questions and look at pictures... Parts of a rifle found in box with the other pieces and ugly stock I'm selling in another auction. Think the owner was attempting to restore it, looks all here. This auction is for all the parts you see in this auctions pictures. The steel hammer plate is stamped Spring Field 1819. There is a eagle stamped on it also. The trigger guard for bottom of stock has stamped D?. The bolts screw in easily and seem in very good condition. Interior of piece has grease or dirt. I was told this could be a Flintlock coversion to percssion cap done in 1819 by the US armory, and may have been used in the Civil War. The part with firing hammer measures about 6 5/8" long. There is patina and light pitting or rust to areas, not sure if thats normal for age. The parts seem all free and nothing is corroded together. The hammering percussion head part seems squished flattened from being used a lot. Ask me anything if I forgot something. Thanks for looking.

Many of the steel pieces are stamped "B" and "T" ... maybe a makers mark? These markes are easily seen in my pictures if you look at them enlarged.