Estate Buttons: Unsorted Variety of 32 Pounds

This listing is for the lot shown. All came from local estate auctions. Whenever I get any buttons I add them to a large container. Once a year I sort out the snaps, hooks and other things that are found in button boxes and do one big listing. It's that time again. I didn't remove any buttons from the lot, only the non-button items. I've taken close-ups of glass, metal, large size and a few others that I thought looked fun. The lot weighs 32.6 pounds. They won't fit in a flat-rate box and I doubt I can get them in 2 FR boxes. As shown they're in almost dishpan sized containers. The blue container has very few white buttons and I've shown the wall of the clear container as t are more white in that box. Some of the buttons were already in sets in little plastic bags and I've left them that way. I know you'll have hours of fun sorting through them as it took me nearly 5 hours to get all the clutter out of them.

The fine print: Payment is requested within 10 days of the purchase. Iowa residents will add 7% sales tax. Methods of I will accept personal checks if you have at least 10 positive payment feedbacks.

Insurance is optional on any purchase. I am not responsible for uninsured items or items that the post office loses. I pack as carefully as possible but accidents can occur.

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