Estate Sale-1925-26 Victrola Orthophonic Credenza

1925-26 four-door Victrola Orthophonic Credenza (fully functioning) with 8 albums (full of records, 10-12 records per album). Cabinet and finish are in near mint condition with two exceptions, one leg (right) is broken and there is one scuff on the side (see pics). Reproducer is original & in great condition and works fine (9 tear drop). Albums show age and all are full of records (also comes with a small bag of needles). The Victrola nameplate states "CREDENZA X12213" and there is a paper tag on the bottom of the actual Credenza that states "October 10, 1925, No.16378", along with a lot of other information I could not read. (see pics, sorry but could not focus well so close to the tags)

Please ask questions if you have any, I am helping a friend clear out his parents estate so it might take me a couple of hours to get answers from him. Below is information I found about the Victor Credenza.

The Credenza (also called the 8-1) was the most expensive of the first four Orthophonic Victrola models introduced in November 1925. It featured the largest horn that Victrola had ever offered, and was frequently used to demonstrate the amazing quality of Orthophonic reproduction. A large and elegant cabinet gave this model an impressive appearance. The Credenza was available in mahogany or walnut, and included an automatic
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