ESTATE SALE- Vintage Steam Whistle, LONERGAN

Hello. I will be listing items from a large estate. This will take some time as it is quite large. Most items are O Scale Models of various manufacturers and are mostly from the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Conditions of the items will vary. A lot of vintage stuff Be sure to mark me down as a favorite seller as you may not see some of this stuff anyw else. Items from this collection have never been offered before. The family wants to sell it off. In the future other items of rail and steam interest will be listed as well. But first, on with the model trains. They will be listed over the coming months.

OK, time to take a break with the model trains and mix in some more whistles. This collection contains numerous steam whistles. I estimate 3-5 dozen of various sizes (peanut to rediculously large) and manufacturers. I will describe them the best I can in what I see. T could be some real hidden gems so keep checking in on my auctions.

Now for the next whistle from this very old collection. This latest trip to the estate to bring more whistles home (I brought nearly 2 dozen more) to sell for them includes some unique types. This is a nice tall 3 chime version made by LONERGAN. It has a diameter of aprox 2". Length of bell being aprox 16". Total length of the whistle is 20". Constructed of brass/bronze. Overall this one has the normal

Winning bidder to pay shipping. All items from this estate collection shall be paid by Money Order only. No exceptions. They are cheap and easy to get. Thanks for stopping in and good luck. Remember, mark me down as a favorite seller so you can be alerted when more items are listed.


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