Estate Shotgun Roll 1857 Flying Eagle / IH on ends 1410

Up for auction is one unsearched shotgun roll of Indian Head and Wheat Pennies with the
possibilty of finding a Flying Eagle. These pennies were acquired from a family in the
SouthEast. The elders in the family saved pennies since after the Civil War. From what I
have seen and heard so far, t has been a good amount of Indian Heads and a good mix
of Wheat dates with almost all dates showing up. Flying Eagles are showing up more than
expected. Steel Pennies and Brilliant Wheats have been seen Very often. Many of these
coins seem to be in Very Good or better condition. Check my feedback to see what is being
found. You will see the rest of these rolls in my list of auctions.

What this particular roll is showing on the ends and what their condition is:

1857 Flying Eagle Penny: Looks to be in Good to Very Good condition and is a Rare coin

Reverse of Indian Head Penny: looks to be in Great condition

*This is just two of the fifty pennies in this roll. T are 48 more...

I am not an expert grader and I will let you decide for yourself what condition these
coins are in, from the pictures taken. Please do not hesitate to ask if the picture is
not clear to you, or if you have any other questions.

Shipping is $2, and then $1 for each additional roll. T is a Maximum of
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