Estate Shotgun Roll with 1879 / ? Indian Head ends dc

This is a single sealed roll shotgun style from an estate lot of rolls that were purchased. I have no idea what is inside, but the auctioneer stated the rolls in this lot were all wheat rolls.

One end coin is showing an 1879 bronze Indian Head Cent and the other end is showing an unknown mystery Indian Head Cent reverse.

This roll should contain 50 penny coins, wheat and possibly more indian head or flying eagle cents. I am not a coin professional and grading is very subjective. The picture of the roll you see is the roll you will receive.

Please note that I can not bear responsibility nor speak for the contents of the roll other than that it comes from a collection of wheat pennies from the estate. I am selling them unopened and unsearched. I can not verify if there are choice, key, or common pennies in this roll other than what is seen as the end coins of the roll. Who knows, that's part of the excitement! There could be a pleasant surprise, and I do look forward to hearing feedback on findings from the winning bidder. Sale on this sealed roll is final and is being sold "as is" with no returns accepted, since once opened, the roll loses its unique value.

Thanks for viewing, and !