Estate Thai Princess Crown Harem Gypsy Goth Gold Ring

This is a genuine Thai Crown Princess Harem ring that was produced during the 1940's to 1950's. It is stamped, "14K" inside the band. It is a big ring too for a size 6- 61/2 finger. From the top of the ring to the bottom of the band it measures one inch tall.From side to side across the top, it also measures approximately one inch.

It is unique in that instead of having a jumble of colored stones, it is only two colors. Red for the brilliant rubies and glowing black for the oval and round moonstones. T are 10 deep red faceted rubies in golden tubes and 8 carbochon black moonstones. On the very tip of the ring is a round black moonstone. Before the very top of the ring, t are 9 onyx beads individually handset. T should be 10 onyx beads but I just noticed one is missing.Unless you are looking for this particular missing bead, it is very hard to see, as the empy setting looks as black as the ones with the onyx stones in it.

The black moonstones are genuine and show rutile in them, that is the striations off which light reflects and causes the astral or star like effect.

I have seen many many harem rings but not ones which are only two colors. It has a very gothic European look to it despite it's being of Oriental origin.

It could almost serve as a Gothic engagement ring, it has this brooding, glowing
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