This Auction is for a Unusual Vintage , USED , but WELL KEPT , GORGEOUS ESTERBROOK Fountain Pen. Has a Screw on Cap to the Pen , and this fits Excellent , and on the SILVER Colored Shirt Clip Is Embossed , ESTERBROOK , Has the BLACK JEWELS on Top of Cap , and on Body End , Cap BLACK Jewel holds the Shirt Clip In place , and gives It the Effect that t Is another SILVER Band to the Top , has a SILVER Band on the bottom of the Cap with 2 Embossed Bands on It . Has Embossing on the Body , and It reads , ESTERBROOK , and this Is In OLD ENGLISH , and under that , MADE IN U.S.A. . This Is Lever Filled , It moves Free , and It squishes , It has a NEW Sac/Bladder In It , It Squishes , the Fill Lever Is SILVER Colored . As for the Color of Cap and Body , a SHINEY GORGEOUS SHINEY SILVER / LIGHT GRAY / LIGHT GRAY / JET EBONY BLACK and these are mostley SWIRLES / LINES , and with the SILVER Accents , and " SHINES" and SMOOTH , and all the SILVER Metal Parts SHINE . As for the SILVER Colored Nib , and It still has the Tips , and clean of all Ink , Embossed on It Is , ESTERBROOK , and under that , 2668 , and under that , 1 LINE , and under that , MADE IN , and under that , U.S.A. , Feed and Clutch are Clean of INK , The Nib and Feed SCREW Into the Clutch , so you can change the Nib to another Size . Have no idea if it works ?? , this Is a Gorgeous

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