Have you ever wondered what a rocket liftoff would look like if you were an astronaut? Now you can see what it looks like! The Estes ORACLE is the most sophisticated, mass produced, digital video model rocket you can buy...and the largest! Standing 3 feet tall, this exciting rocket is the perfect blend of size, performance and high tech digital recording.
The ORACLE is an E2X (Easy to Assemble) kit that can be ready to fly in an hour or less. The main rocket body, including the fin and motor housing, has been factory assembled and decorated by quality craftsman. The precision video unit is also completely assembled and ready to use. It delivers an impressive 30 seconds of 320 x 240 Pixels (CIF) quality video of each and every exciting launch. Now you can capture digital movies of your rocket's entire flight profile. When powered with a D engine, the ORACLE can reach altitudes over 600 feet. It gently returns to earth on an 18 inch preassembled nylon parachute.
Imagine yourself in the capsule of your rocket and see what it's like to blast off, accelerate through the sky and then float down on a parachute. Save the digital movie to a PC or laptop using the included video software and USB cable. ORACLE, now you can record and see what you've only imagined before!
Per Estes this rocket will not operate in the windows
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