ESTONIA - 10 Euro SILVER COLLECTOR COIN 2011 with a diamond application „ESTONIA’s FUTURE“

In original box with numered certificate of authenticity.

The €10 silver collector coin is decorated with a diamond application and named Estonia's future . According to the artist, on the €10 collector coin the euro shines in the blue sky of Estonia under which Kalevipoeg , the hero of the Estonian national epic, and Vanapagan , a character from Estonian folk tales dance a traditional Estonian folk dance Kaerajaan thereby bringing together the old and the new. The theme has been inspired by a project “Kaerajaan to Europe” launched at the end of 2009. The aim of the project is to take the most popular Estonian folk dance Kaerajaan to Europe by 2011. In 2011 the capital of Estonia – Tallinn – will also be the European Capital of culture.

The averse of the coin shows the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Estonia , the words EESTI VABARIIK and the year of issue 2011. The reverse displays the demonation €10. The edge lettering shows the alloy symbol Ag 999,9. The silver collector coin has been designed by Simson von Seakyl and minted by the Mint of Finland Ltd.

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