Estwing UTIL-AX Hatchet Army Air Corps ? Air Force ?

This is an interesting old Estwing UTIL-AX.

On each side of the shaft is a faded white star in a blue circle that looks like the old Air Force or Air Corps star (Visible in photos) Could this be an actual military collectible? Or was it the project of some aspiring 10 yr. old pilot wannabe? I make no claims. Sure does arouse the curiosity though.

The wood handles are crack and rot free. Unfortunately they are oil soaked. What little finish t was rubbed right off when I took some steel wool to the brass rivets. They were really green. I usually don't mess with cleaning antiques, but, I didn't have any thought of selling it at the time.

T are paint specks on the metal, especially on the hammer face.

The edge is dull, but looks to be from the factory. I see no evidence of filing or grinding. As such this UTIL-AX seems to retain its original profile.

T is light rust pitting and freckling throughout, giving a nice patina. It does not have deep destructive rust pits. All stampings are clear and easy to read.

I prefer to ship through the Post Office. UPS is an option I will consider if you request it. If you do choose UPS I will have to charge extra handling, as t is an extra charge for me to have a local store send it... I believe around $5.00 or so. Since I couldn't figure out how
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