ETCHED Appaloosa Peter STONE ISH by Capwell

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repainted & ETCHED as a





Diane Capwell of "Paleo Paisley Woman's Cave"

(aka the Spotty Mule Factory, or The Spotty Hoss Factory)

This stallion is in the OF or original pose.

He's been minutely detailed with acrylic paint and fine spotter brushes, and has a wild scattering of spots of various sizes. Turn him over to look at the belly and the authentic Appy speckling and detailing just doesn't stop!

If you enjoy showing your miniature models, he ought to get some looks for the tiny details.

Even if you just like to keep your models for desk pets, he is bound to attract the attention of anyone who loves equines, particularly stock horses, or Appaloosas.

The best part for horse lovers who don't have a barn and pasture, he doesn't need much room, or any hay at all.

He measures about 12" long, by not quite 9" tall.

He's had the usual seam and paint sanding, primer coating, and logo fill-in.

He hasn't been given a clear sealer spray overcoat, but eyes & hooves have been given a clear protective coat to make them gleam.

If you have

please remember that many hours of patience and fine detailing have gone into each piece. I wear the frazzle out of those fine spotter brushes, dabbing on the details! I layer the color and shading in a tedious way, going over it again and again... and again ... and time is one of the secrets to the amount of detail I do per piece.

Contrary to modern practices of air brushing models, I still use old fashioned hair tipped paint brushes, and when I etch I use an inkless "pen and ink" type artist's nib. Even when I don't use a nib to etch the model, I still try to paint the model's coat in a direction that emulates the growth of hair in a horse's coat. PLUS, I try to paint detail on areas of the model not usually seen unless the model is turned over, the only exception being the soles of the feet or places WAY up beneath the tail w it's hard for a brush or nib to reach.

No two models that I do are finished exactly alike, and for horse lovers they are very "collectible pets."

Many of the people who buy them take them to model horse shows throughout the United States, w they're exhibited for ribbons and trophies, just like with a real horse except the "horse trailer" is much smaller in this case!

Thank you for considering my work!


**This model was photographed with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera on automatic setting so I could use the timer to get a steadier picture free of blurring caused by holding the camera. That means the camera automatically adjusted most of the lighting or color settings, so the actual color of the model may look slightly different in person. The camera doesn't "read" objects or colors the same way the human eye does, and the miniature models I do actually look ~so much nicer~ in person, in the miniature scale they were intended to be seen in. The photos are often MUCH larger than the model actually is and that magnification of the image is one way the pictures distort the natural beauty of the piece.**

>>>> If you aren't sure about the quality of my miniature work, please visit my hotmuleshoe eBay About Me page, and my feedback pages, to see what collectors have to say .
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