The Eternal City" by Hall Caine/ Pauline Frederick/silent movie CARD/opens up

Vintage postcard; when closed, it measures 5" x 3.5" at tallest point; very nice condition; the white line on the left side is from my scanner; not on the card itself ASK questions....DO NOT take anything for GRANTED . People have differences of opinions on how they see an item, therefore, I suggest that you ZOOM onto the item and see the condition it is in. If you have a particular question, feel free to ask.

I always mail out the card IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of payment; thus being said: PLEASE do not leave negative ratings because you feel it took too long for your card to arrive. I live near the post office, therefore, I mail out items SEVERAL times a day; sometimes 6 times a day. I have no control over your item once it has been dropped into the mail box, so please do not leave me a lower rating because it took "too long" for it to arrive at your house.

I charge you 66 cents (US mail) to mail your cards; I don't make any money on your shipping, as do alot of sellers here on ebay!

I ALWAYS communicate with every customer; I send you a message that your card is on it's way . I have never forgotten to send anyone a message; I have no control on whether the message lands in your spam file, or in your email file, so please, check both areas for my message; you can also check your ebay site for any message that
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