Ethereum ETH/ETC Miner 150MH/s, 6x Radeon RX 480 RX480, ASRock H81 Pro BTC

I built my own Ethereum miner right when the RX 480's came out at the end of July. Since then I have moved to a new house, and I dont have a good place to put the miner to properly ventilate the heat. At the previous house I had a window that I could vent the heat out of, and that is why you see the box on the back of it and the vent hose running to that white panel, which fits into a window. I can easily remove the "heat removal apparatus" from the back if you'd like. There is a very powerful fan (Vantec Tornado) inside that box to suck the heat off the cards and blow it through the hose. The little thing you see on the side of the miner is a fan control unit to control the speed of the Vantec Tornado. Again, I can completely remove all of the ventilation/heat removal pieces if you want.
I have Windows 10 on it now, running claymore dual miner. I have not overclocked it any and it gets 144 MH/s Ethereum when dual mining Decred/SiaCoin/LBRY. Mining Ethereum only it gets 150+ MH/s. You could could certainly overclock it more.
Again, the unit is in full functioning condition. There are no bad parts. I mined with it for about 1 month (early August - mid September). It has been idle since we moved into the new house.
As for the hardware details: GPUs: 1x XFX Black RX480 1328MHz w/backplate, 1x XFX RX480 4GB, 2x Gigabyte
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