ETRUSCAN" Sterling (10) DINNER FORKS by Gorham

"ETRUSCAN" Sterling (10) DINNER FORKS by Gorham

The Gorham Company is one of the oldest American silver companies having its first pattern manufactured in 1832. The company was progressive in their use of new and sophisticated machinery and the leaders had the ability to sense changing times and tastes which kept it in the forefront. The company adopted the sterling standard in 1868 as well as its trademark Lion (English mark for sterling), Anchor (for the state of Rhode Island), and G for the company name. Many of he Gorham patterns are considered benchmarks in the production of American Silver and their designs reflective of the lifestyle and values of our ancestors.

The Etruscan pattern was first manufactured in 1913 and it remains a favorite to this day due to it's timeless classic design. The pattern shows a distinct influence of the classic revival period which used the Greek Key, doric column and Corinthian capitals as design elements in architecture and home decor. The Etruscan pattern clearly relates to that period.

I am offering 10 Sterling "Etruscan" Dinner Forks which I purchased in an estate sale. They measure 7 5/8'' in length and have no monograms, removals, dents, or dings.

The Old Gorham marks are present on the back of the pieces along with "Pat'd 1913, Sterling."

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