Eugen Ranzenberger (Jenö Ruszkay) Hungarian WW2 Waffen SS Commander Hungary

A nice colored postcard of the Royal Palace in Budapest Hungary with autograph of a high ranking Hungarian WW2 General Eugen Ranzenberger (Jenö Ruszkay) . Postmarked on front June 15 1920 Registered. Nice franking on back with 2 stamps and Addressed to Lt .Col. Charles B Moore Texarkana Texas USA who was on the Inter Allied Supreme Commands Military Mission in Hungary at the end of WW1. Later US military attache to Poland and Hungary. From Eugene Ranzenberger / Jenő Ruszkay- Commander of the Hungarian Waffen SS in WW2 who surrendered to Gen. Pattons US Third Army.. Later executed by firing squad after trial at Nuremberg. In good condition with a little wear around edges. Purchased from the estate of Gay Montague Phillips of Toddsbury Gloucester county Virginia. She was the niece of Lt. Col. Moore.