eumig MKS 810D dual guage 8mm projector - spares or repair

This auction is for a Eumig MKS 810D dual guage 8mm projector for spares or repair. I have 2 fully functional machines which get used used quite regularly and they are excellent. I bought this many years ago � to keep as a spares machine but no longer need it. Here is what needs attention.1 - It has no lens2 - The bulb and bulb holder are missing 3 - There is a small piece of metal (shown in pic 2) which has probably come from somewhere inside 4 - The black name plate is broken and a small piece is missing but this is just cosmetic. On the plus side the motor powers up and runs smoothly in forward and reverse and the spindles turn, a slight hum can be heard from the speaker and it varies according to the volume suggesting that side of it works OK. It also has both sets of Sup/Std changeover parts. Any questions please ask.