Europa Battery Wall Clock - GDR Keramik - Haldensleben Fohr Strelha - 1970's

Fab retro 70's Europa battery operated (1xC cell) wall clock with ceramic surround, made in the GDR, East Germany and in good working order.
The ceramic surround looks very much like Strelha pots and vases, that said Haldensleben and Fohr also produced clock surrounds. I t has 3267 on the back and an indistinct symbol.
Clock face has a really funky retro font and the glass front is hinged. Width is 9 inches approximately.
In excellent condition. No chips or cracks but there are a couple of literally pin prick pings to the glazed edge as it meets the wall - not at all visible.
A lovely clock that will appeal to ceramic and retro collectors alike.