Eva Braun's Private Home Movies on EIGHT DVDs!

Over 5 ½ Hours Of
Eva Braun's Private Home Movies on EIGHT DVDs!

PLUS my own exclusive documentary film of the Berghof sites TODAY

Eva Braun is seen here filming the Berghof

his auction is for the 8 DVD Boxset, DELUXE edition of Eva Braun's home movies. You are bidding on the original , entire collection of approximately 5 and a half hours of Eva Braun's private 16mm film archive, captured by U.S. forces in 1945, and kept at the U.S National Archives in Maryland.

All 8 of Eva Braun's original film reels have been transfered onto 8 individual DVDs. The films are completely uncut and uncompressed. BEWARE OF INFERIOR PRODUCTS! Some eBay sellers sell the same films crammed onto 3 or 4 DVDs. This can cause INFERIOR playback quality!

My films have been preserved intact. They are exactly as they appear on Eva Braun's 8 original film reels.

PLUS: You also get an EXCLUSIVE DVD documentary showing you around the Berghof area, including the private teehaus and the famous Eagle's Nest as they are today.

The first 8 DVDs consist of the home movies Eva Braun filmed prior to and during the Second World War. Eva began filming with her movie camera in 1936 and she captured much footage of the Obersalzberg - the mountain hideway on which stood the Berghof, the homes of other leaders
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