Evel Knievel (Bally) original manual plus 8 fold out schematics FREE SHIPPING

Original, appears complete, Bally Evel Knievel pinball manual. Looks to be in fair condition.
Photo is if the actual manual & schematics you would receive. It is not a stock photo.
Included is a separate 8 page fold out schematics.
DISCLAIMER for all manuals I am listing: I am in the process of listing over 500 manuals. I have not gone through each manual page by page to insure every page is present and not damaged. Each manual is given a quick go through to look for obvious missing pages or other significant damage. These manuals are shop manuals and there may be hand written notes here and there. There may be some pages inadvertently folded or minor tears. If I notice any significant damage or other hand writing, I will list information as best I can. If you have specific questions or want a particular manual specifically checked let me know.