This is one of many unusual Evel Knievel items that we will be listing & selling. They are owned by KellyKnievel, Evel's oldest son, who purchased them from his Dad. Many have been in storage for years. This is your chance to acquire some RARE & VALUABLE items that seldom come on the market. Many of these items are unique and essentially ONE OF A KIND . We guarantee the originality & authenticity of all the pieces that we are selling.
This is a golf bag and complete set of clubs owned and used by Evel Knievel. They are one of the last sets of clubs he used and they are the last we have to sell. The black bag was made by Miller Golf Bags and is in excellent overall shape (has original hood). Note the custom shoulder strap that says "Evel". The irons (except the wedge) are a set of Chicago 944 IIII DB - includes 3 through 9 irons. They are in excellent condition The Driver is a graphite shaft 10 degree and because Evel has leads tape over everything I don't know who made it. Condition is used but excellent. The 3 & 6/7 woods were made by Fila and also have graphite shafts. They are used but excellent condition. The pitching wedge is a Wilson 1200 model and has some wear. Also included are a couple of balls (one with Evel's unusual markings) and some tees from Feather Sound C.C
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