Evening Star 1950 Community Silverware & Wooden Box

Please check out my other listings! I am number1stuffdealers and I do combine shipping. Thank you! I will be listing alot of neat items so please check back often . This is an Oneida silverware set with a pretty wooden brown silverware box. All of this set of silverware isn't This is Community Silverplate and it has a label on the back side bottom of the inside of the silverware box. It is made by The Oneida Community LTD. Division of Oneida LTD. Oneida, N.Y. The name of the silverware design is Evening Star 1950. Thanks to a great ebay lady who gave me this information. The design has a big flower with small flowers(1 big and 2 small flowers) and leaves and a swirly like design at the bottom of the piece and at the top of the piece before the knife or fork tines start t is a small flower & two leaves. The silverware is heavy plate, balanced plate, special reinforcement with a second extra plate or overlay, the silverware is tempered and strong and hard. Community is always correctly balanced. T is a little guarantee booklet that comes with this silverware and box. T are 5 big forks, 7 small or salad forks, 1 ladle spoon, 6 big spoons, 7 knives, 2 little spoons and 1 other spoon which I think is a sugar spoon. T are also 2 other spoons (small spoons) with a different design on them and they are Royal Baroque and are stainless

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