WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? signed LC #1 '62 by Bette Davis, laughing at Joan Crawford!

An Original Vintage Theatrical Autographed Movie Lobby Card #1 (11x14; LC; measures 11" x 14")
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, the 1962 Robert Aldrich twisted family relationship giallo horror thriller starring Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Victor Buono (U.S.)
Condition: good -- The card was very lightly folded across the middle, but it really does not show from the front of the card. The card once had five large pieces of paper tape on the back of much of the top and right borders, part of the bottom border, and also one piece of paper tape on the back of the middle of the card. Someone professionally removed the paper tape, and then put white conservation tape over all of the borders, and over a pinhole in the center of the card (the pinhole was covered by the paper tape on the back of the center of the card). None of this tape shows from the front. There are some faint stains, creases, and small tears in the borders, and pinholes in the corners.