Offered for bids is this Circa 1941 Eversharp Fifth Avenue fountain pen and pencil set in the gold filled/burgundy pattern. As most fountain pen collectors know, next to Parker, Eversharp represented a manufacturer that offered several classic designs of fountain pens during the industrial era of the 1940's. These fountain pens are under appreciated for their classic appearance, durability and restorability. They also came in a wide variety of nib grades to suit the tastes of different writing preferences. The Fifth Avenue was Eversharp's attempt to mimic and compete with the wildly popular Parker 51 (P51). The Fifth Avenue never caught on like the P51 and had a relativelty short run; however, the Fifth Avenue was a very well designed and attractive fountain pen. The pen measures 5.25 inches in length with the cap clutched snuggly to the barrel. The 1/10 14K gold filled cap, clip and blind cap are in excellent condition and are free of any dents, dings or brassing. The barrel has very minimal surface wear and is also free of cracks or bitemarks. The ink sac is pliable and draws up and expels water as designed. The 14K gold, hooded nib is a medium point with medium flex and a full compliment of iridium. The pencil measures 5.25 inches in length and, like the pen, has a gold filled cap and clip that is free of any dents, dings or brassing. ... read more