J EVES Soda Water MANr Antique Bottle dated 1862 "Never to be Sold" Unique LOOK

Up for sale is an Antique J EVES Soda-Water Manr Bottle green in color and pretty thick and heavy. On the back of the bottle it says "This bottle is Never to be sold" (It is now, lol) and 1826. The bottle has a Unique roundish blot top and has some type of Cork holder or cap holder (metal with some minor rusting) built on which is normally missing on other bottles you may find of this type!! This bottle is in great condition for its old age and has no chips or cracks as far as i can tell. The only wear on it that i can find is some minor hairline scratching here and there and some minor discoloration from old age and the metal attachment piece has some rusting on it. This J Eves Soda water bottle would make a great addition to any collection of bottles and looks unique. ( The First 2 Pictures i had Flash on so the Bottle looks like a teal blueish color but it is actually green ) GOOD LUCK BIDDING!

(ADDED MORE PICS) Looking closer at the bottle it actually does have a teal-like or Ice blueish hue to it. And upon further investigating into this bottle as i havent seen many around at all i was told that these bottles are very rare and are very hard to find . I took it to a Friend of mine who collects bottles and he was shocked to see it and said that from what he knows there are only 10 to 20 of this particular style bottle known.

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