The EVIL DEAD / WITHIN the WOODS Artifact Bundle

Item #1. (In first photo) Rock from the wall seen in "The EVIL DEAD" from the basement scenes also seen in "WITHIN THE WOODS" Signed by Tom Sullivan, Josh Becker, and Hal Delrich. No fan has ever been to this location in Michigan, and no fan has ever obtained any artifacts from this location. This is a truly rare item. Item #2. (In first photo) A piece of clay from the Stop Motion Meltdown seen in "The EVIL DEAD". This is a rare piece of clay used in the films finale. No other such piece in existence. Obtained from Tom Sullivans personal collection.Truly a rare piece. Item #3. (In first photo) Fan made backing board containing pieces of wood from the fence seen in the opening shots of "WITHIN THE WOODS" Obtained legally, and very rare.
The photos that follow the first one are, Bruce Campbell seen in "The EVIL DEAD" at the Basement location in Michigan. Tom Sullivan at the Detroit location where the Stop motion Meltdown was filmed, along with a screen shot from "The EVIL DEAD" showing where the piece of clay came from. Also shots of the basement in Michigan (Today) and where the Rock fell out of the wall.
These three items (Seen in first photo) are what is for sale. You are bidding on all three together as a package deal.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity from Tom Sullivan himself (Special FX creator on "WITHIN
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