Ex. HMS Edinburgh, a R.N. Waymouth-Ross Naval Rangefinder with wooden case etc.

Ex. HMS Edinburgh, Waymouth-Ross Naval Rangefinder No.90772 by Ross of London.

In original wooden case with lenshood and instructions.

Patt. No. 10065.

Telescope magnification about 7x.

This instrument is made mainly of brass with some alloy and has a wooden handle.

The general condition looks good, but it has been used. The rubber eyecup is like new.

Optically the lenses in the telescope are bright with no chips or bad scratches.

By rotating the brass disc to make two images coincide.(after setting other information about own and enemy ship,)

the distance to the another ship can be read off the large brass scale.

The wooden case has Waymouth-Ross Rangefinder. Patt. No. 10065. Ross London, painted on the lid along with an arrow.

This box looks used but is in good condition, except that the key for the lock is missing.

Inside the box are an " Instructions for Use " leaflet and two small spanners.

Also a card stating that it was inspected by the Navigating Officer, John Bilson, of HMS Edinburgh on 11 March 1989,

and initialled by someone else on 13th. July 1990.

This instrument is not being sold as a calibrated, working rangefinder, but as an interesting collectable object.

Length of Rangefinder with
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