EXACTITUDES, Photography by Ari Versluis, Third Revised Edition, Best Printing


Photography by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek

Published by 010 Publishers , Rotterdam, 2007

Third Revised Edition

Offered here in FINE condition is the third revised edition of “Exactitudes,” published in 2007 by 010 Publishers. This third, expanded edition of “Exactitudes” contains many new photographs that the two have produced since the publication of the first, 2002 edition. A study of modern group dress and style, this title has been collectible since its original release and this 2007 printing features 30 new sets of images.

From the publisher: “Inspired by interest in the striking dress codes of various social groups, Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have systematically documented numerous identities. They call their series ‘Exactitudes’: a contraction of ‘exact’ and ‘attitude.’ By registering their subjects in an identical framework they provide an almost scientific record of people’s attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity. The apparent contradiction between individuality and uniformity is taken to such extremes that the artistic aspect dominates the purely documentary element. Rotterdam’s heterogeneous street scene remains a major source of inspiration for them, although for this new
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