Exakta VX Version 1 Body From 1951

Please read this carefully!! Sold AS IS.
This is an Exakta VX Version 1. This is a 35mm Reflex Camera Body Only. Number 707890. This dates to 1951. The regular shutter is working at all speeds. I see no pin holes in the shutter. The slow speed delay timer fires, but NO guarantee it is at all accurate. I am never comfortable using this gizmo. The advance is smooth and the counter is working. The eye level finder has a split image ground glass and this has some marks etched in from the original user who used it as a copy camera body. No camera has no dents, brassing or missing leather. There is some leather wear and paint wear so I give this an 8 or average. The take up spool is included. Please add $9.95 priority shipping in the USA. Overseas buyers pay actual shipping costs. Regards, Darryl
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