Exc. Set of Images ~ Go~Won~Go Mohawk ~ Indian Actress

What an interesting woman this was, but it's a bit hard to separate fact from fiction from hype generated by the lady herself. This is a terrific set of images (one cabinet card and one tobacco card) of self-proclaimed "Indian Princess" Go-Won-Go Mohawk, also knows as Carolina (Carrie) Mohawk. Carrie was born in Gowanda, New York to either a Seneca medicine man or a Mohawk chief, depending on which story you believe (being American Indian myself, I can tell you that, other than in Disney stories, Indian tribes did not have princesses). Ms. Mohawk, supposedly, was a terrific athlete and sportswoman, possessed a beautiful singing voice, and was an expert on just about every known musical instrument. What is true is that she took to the stage and even wrote her own plays . . . starring herself. The first image, the cabinet card, is actually a poster from one of her performances. It shows a buckskin clad Go-Won-Go fighting with a man dressed in Mexican garb (his sombrero is visible on the ground at the right). The poster reads, "The Celebrated American Indian Actress Go-Won-Go Mohawk in Her Great Fight with Spanish Joe". An imprint at the bottom right corner of the poster reads, "Moody Bros. - Birmingham . The poster appears to have been photographed right on the wall it was pasted on because you can see wrinkles and folds in the poster. ... read more