EXCALIBUR VISIONARIES Warren Ellis TPB Vol 1-3 Complete Set $75 Cover *New/NM*

Vol 1:

Collects Excalibur (1988-1998 1st Series) #83-90 and material from X-Men Prime (1995). Written by WARREN ELLIS and SCOTT LOBDELL. Art by BILL SIENKIEWICZ, TERRY DODSON, DAERICK GROSS, KEN LASHLEY, LARRY STROMAN, JEFF MOY, DAVID WILLIAMS and CARLOS PACHECO. Cover by KEN LASHLEY. Born in whimsy though it was, the British mutant team had its share of dark days - never moreso than under the horrific hands of Warren Ellis! Excalibur enters the Genoshan war zone with Peter Wisdom, smoking sardonic spy extraordinaire, as their guide! Plus: Nightcrawler's magic girlfriend Daytripper joins the cast when a sorcerous struggle centers on Shadowcat's Soulsword! Mutant terrorism, extraterrestrial espionage and more! Guest-starring Wolverine! Softcover, 216 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.

Vol 2:

Collects Excalibur (1988-1998 1st Series) #91-95, X-Man (1995-2001) #12 and Starjammers (1995 1st Series) #1-4. Written by WARREN ELLIS and JOHN OSTRANDER. Art by CASEY JONES, CARLOS PACHECO, STEVE SKROCE, DAVID WILLIAMS, MIKE WIERINGO, JEFF MOY and MIKE MILLER. Cover by CARLOS PACHECO. Romance is in the air for Englands's Premier super-team! Captain Britain loves Meggan, Pete Wisdom has moved in with Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and Day Tripper are back together, and Wolfsbane and Douglock are best friends! But things don'
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